Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From the Blogger:

As a curvaceous girl, fashion has not always come naturally to me. Hiding away behind band t-shirts and jcpenny jeans, I did not come into my own until late into my high school career when I bought my first tube of red lipstick. From that day forward, vintage styling, between thrift store finds, hand me down pieces, and whatever I could find rifling through my best friend’s closet, became my own thing. Over the last three years, I’ve transformed from the girl that I used to be. Yes, I still have my awkward days where I dread looking at my reflection, but what girl doesn’t? Still, though, I know that while I may be beautiful inside and out, I also have that extra kick of vintage fashionista that can turn heads as I walk down the street.
You see so many blogs dedicated to fashion, and while those specifically for curvy girls are on the rise, I feel like there still aren’t enough. Do I know enough to be one voice to represent the many? Of course not. But I hope that my day-to-day fashion finds, posts on confidence (and even the lack thereof), and generally honest posts can help as many people out there as possible. I’m definitely not done growing as a person or completely finding my own in this world, and I’ve learned in my life that sometimes you need the help of others to make you grow. So maybe this blog can help us all of us grow a little more, myself included.

Hasta la vista chicas, until next time. -Thea

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